The origin of the sundials…

Otto Seile
(Source: German Society for Chronometry

About one hundred silent chronometers are located at the houses and gardens of Birkenau and only a few villages have nearly as much sundials as you find here.
It began in the 1950ies when Otto Seile, a governmental builder, decorated his house with the first sundial. He wasn´t aware of the sundial boom he started with it.
Eighteen years later he finished his 25th sundial, and many citizens of Birkenau wanted another one, so he was very busy.
In 1973 Otto Seile build his 53rd sundial and still after his death new sundials were built, based on his construction drawings.

Many other people in Birkenau dealt with the topic of sundials and got real experts. Today many types of sundials, like horizontal, equatorial and vertical designs can be found. A touch of nostalgy lies over Birkenau and makes a good contrast to the loud and busy environment in the surrounding.